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Know Your Rights

  1. It is your right to choose your own collision repair facility. Insurance companies cannot require you to go to a particular shop but may try to persuade you to use a preferred or referral shop. By choosing a reputable independent repair shop, you can have your vehicle restored to its pre-accident condition. The repair shop will negotiate with the insurance company to get the appropriate repairs to preserve your vehicle’s value and to ensure your safety. You may request the vehicle be inspected at your chosen location. Some insurance companies have drive-in claim centers. They may ask you to bring your vehicle to these centers for inspection prior to beginning the repair process. You may require the insurance company to perform the inspection of your vehicle at the collision repair shop of your choice.

  2. You are not required by law to obtain more than one estimate or appraisal. The insurance company may require you to get a written appraisal before agreeing to pay for repairs to your vehicle.

  3. The insurance company must negotiate in good faith with the repair shop of your choice and must pay to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. It is crucial to choose a reputable auto body repair shop because they will be responsible for negotiating your claim directly with the insurance company.

  4. The repair shop must guarantee the repairs they perform to your vehicle. Each repair shop is required by Massachusetts law to be bonded. They are responsible for the safe and proper repairs to your vehicle.

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